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What We Do

CASA supports children and families involved in the child welfare system.

  • We provide a consistent presence for the child and family during a critical time

  • We facilitate nurturing relationships for the child

  • We help find, engage, and strengthen a support network for the child and family

Three year old boy in summer afternoon smiling.

CASA increases the well-being of the children in foster care.

  • We understand how trauma impacts a child's growth and development

  • We address mental, physical, and educational needs

  • We work to ensure children's safety while in foster care

  • We help keep children connected to their culture and cultural identity

  • We advocate keeping families connected and together when safe and possible.

Happy boy with basketball and man giving and high-five   at a basketball court.

CASA is of and for our community.

  • CASA volunteers are everyday people who support children and families in crisis. 

  • CASA volunteers are members of our community, just like you, and me, and the children and families we support.

  • CASA volunteers work for the health and well-being of the community

  • CASA volunteers are well-trained and supervised by professionals

  • CASA volunteers are appointed by the court

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