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August 8th- October 8th
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Together, we can change a child's story 

Super Kid Season

Super Kid Season is the time of year to raise awareness and to raise funds to support local children living in foster care.  Grab your friends, co-workers, or neighbors and create a super kids season team.  Join us for fun, fundraising, and a little healthy competition to support our children.

How do I participate in Super Kids Season?

Start by signing up your team!  A  Super Kids Season team can be an individual or a group of people that come together to support local kids in foster care.  Your group can be what ever size you want.  Fundraising together is fun and meaningful!  Teams can be formed with friends, family, co-workers, clubs, or organizations.  Once you register your team we will contact you to help set up your fundraising activities!

Fundraising Ideas

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