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Circle of Hope

Join Our Monthly Giving Program

Every child deserves a champion—someone to stand up for them and ensure their voice is heard. With your help, we can make this a reality for 100  kids living in foster care in our community. Join our Monthly Giving Program today and become a part of a powerful movement to match each of these children with a dedicated advocate. 

Our advocates champion the rights of youth in foster care every day. With your monthly contribution, you'll become a champion for our advocates  and our county's youth.

Your monthly donation, no matter the size, enables us to plan better and use your gift where it's needed most. Being able to plan ahead lets us confidently put your gift to use in supporting our programs, advocates, and case supervisors. It also helps us stay on track with our program development and expansion goals. 

Why Monthly Giving?

  • Sustainable Impact: Your consistent support ensures that each child continues to receive the advocacy and care they need throughout their journey.

  • Community Building: Join a community of committed donors who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of  children living in foster care.

  • Real Change: Your monthly donation goes directly to training and supporting advocates who will show up for our kids living in foster care.


Our Goal

We aim to match 100 foster kids with an advocate by the end of this year. By committing to a monthly donation, you help us reach this crucial milestone and provide continuous support for these children.


How Your Contribution Helps

  • $5 per month lets a youth explore a new activity

  • $25 per month offers life skills for a teen

  • $50 per month provides training for a new advocate

  • $100 per month provides early screening for two children

  • $167 per month fully supports a CASA child match


Join Us Today

Becoming a monthly donor is easy and impactful. Click on the button below and join a dedicated group of supporters who believe in the power of advocacy.

Together, we can give kids living in foster care the advocates they need and deserve. Your monthly gift can change lives—one child at a time.

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