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Top Fifteen Teams

 Team Total

1. Green Diamond/California Redwood Co. (Super Squad) $9,772.76
2. Team Umpqua Bank (Super Squad) $7,464.35
3. Beta Babes (Team)
4. Selvage/Sund Family Team (Team)  $2,891.65
5. Kid Krusaders (Team)  $2,496.25
6. NVB Money Walkers (Team) $2,059.18
7. Fieldbrookians (Team)  $1,588.77
8. Team Bueno (Team)
9. Lost Coast Rotaract (Team) $1,438.59
10. Cutten Kids for CASA (Youth) $1,309.48
11. Super Awesome Ninja Turtles (Team) $1,168.45
12. Movers and Shakers (Team)
13. LDS Relief Society (Team) $1,041.00
14. KISS/MIX (Team) $970.00
15. HSU Social Work Student Association (Team) $948.50

2013 Kid Walk Schedule October 12th

Meet with your team at the Wharfinger Building 10:00
1 Marina Way for cape
and sign making, face painting, team photos, zumba and more!    

Kid Walk begins at the Warfinger Building.  We will walk down Waterfront drive, through Old Town Eureka and loop back to the Wharfinger via Highway 101.

Round Table luncheon, and awards presentation.


Team Resources

    Donation Tracker

Help us Reach our 2013 CASA Kid Walk goal of funding advocates for 100 of Humboldt County's Foster Kids

During the Kid Walk season, walkers of all ages raise awareness and funds by marking their calendars and participating in one or more hosted fundraisers, including taking orders for boxed lunches for Sandwich Day on September 27th, or participating in the CASA county-wide bake sale, a community bake sale on September 7th.

Other fundraisers are also available for any team to do at anytime during the Kid Walk Season, including selling raffle tickets for three prizes of $500 cash, a $500 'shopping spree' at Wildberries Marketplace, and an overnight stay at Blue Lake Casino. You can also sell tickets for the NFL 'opening weekend' pick and the winner gets a prize of a $100 gift card to Wildberries marketplace, hold bake sales, host dinners, set out donation cans, hold garage sales, get sponsorships from friends, family, and businesses using your online fundraising webpage, organize fun events or activities, and more!

It takes $2,000 to provide an abused child with a CASA each year.  The suggested minimum goal for each team is $1,000 so that a child can have an advocate for 6 months. For personal goals or Super Squads, a goal of $200 per team member is recommended. Help make a difference in the life of an abused child and register your Kid Walk team today! 
Beta Babes (Team)